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What is DISC?

DISC is the Digital Independent Specialist College, a new and unique opportunity to help young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to move towards working in the creative and digital economy. Based at Holyoake House in the city centre of Manchester, DISC is a creative and digital studio providing supported work-based learning to help talented young people fulfill their potential and their dreams.

Who is DISC for?

DISC is for young people with SEND aged 16-24 who love creative and digital work and who wouldthrive in a professional, work-based learning envi- ronment, who love learning by doing and making and who want to develop their core skills to help them into the workplace.

What do we offer?

Pre-Internship – flexible support based around the young person’s needs and talents can include remote learning, short visits or longer periods of work placement. 

Internships – we have full and part-time opportunities for young people wanting to work in the digital economy and who can commit to working with us for up to a year before they progress to work or other positive destinations. To qualify for the full time Internship you need an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP);

Plan (EHCP); for the part-time opportunity you need
a diagnosis and live within the Manchester City
Council area

Employment opportunities – all our efforts are
designed to get young people with SEND into the
right kind of work for them. We work with a range
of employers to ensure our students are work
ready and get interviews for positions. These may
be Apprenticeships, Freelance positions (including
Digital Inc. Agency), full or part-time work or regular